We just acquired an entire collection of fine Military Rifles. The gentleman that
collected them was very particular as to the selection of pieces, and he spent
many years building up this collection. Each firearm has been well cared for.

We are also accepting offers on the entire collection to serious buyers.

Model Action Type Serial # Make Condition Comments Caliber  Price
52-57 Semi-Automatic CV 38XXX Vz Mint Condition This Checkoslavakian Army rifle came out in 1952 and was modified in 1957. New. 7.62X39mm 500 CDN
SKS Semi-Automatic E 4XXX Russian Mint Condition This well-made Russian rifle comes complete with attached folding  bayonet and cleaning rod. Not to be confused with the Chinese copy. New. 7.62X39mm 300 CDN
No. 4, Mk 1* Bolt Action 8XXX Lee Enfield Very Good Made by Savage Arms in the United States for Lend-Lease to England. This specimen has the brass butt plate instead of the steel one. .303 British 400 CDN
FN-48 Semi-Automatic 23XXX Fabrique Nationale Good Used by the Egyption Army, this specimen comes complete with the uniquely grooved bayonette. 7.92 (8mm) 400 CDN
P-14 Bolt Action W242XXX Lee Enfield Very Good Used by the British Home Guard in WWII, originally used in WWI as a sniper rifle. Complete with long range dial site on left side of forestock. .303 British 400 CDN
No. 5 - Jungle Carbine Bolt Action CC1XXX Lee Enfield Fair  Used by Jungle Forces in Burma during WWII by the British Army. .303 British 100 CDN
Carbine  Bolt Action AA3XXX Carcano Very Good This carbine comes complete with the rare folding bayonette and green leather sling. Used by the Italian Army in WWII, this one was made in 1940. 6.5mm 600 CDN
P-17 Bolt Action 983XXX Eddystone Very Good Has C broad arrow stamped on buttstock. Used by British and Canadian Army for guard duty during WWII. .30-06 500 CDN
P-17 Bolt Action 179XXX Winchester Very Good Used by United States during WWI, and again in WWII as a Training Rifle. .30-06 500 CDN
M-1 Garand Semi-Automatic 1265XXX Garand - Winchester Very Good Comes with bayonette, sling and oil bottle. Made in 1942. .30-06 SOLD
1942 Semi-Automatic 68XXX Tokarev Excellent Used by the Russian Army in WWII. This fine example comes complete with the incredibly scarce bayonette. 7.62X54R 800 CDN
M-44 Bolt Action 545XXX Mosin - Nagant Very Good (9130) Made in Finland in 1939 and used by the Finnish Army in WWII against the Russians in the 1940 Winter War. 7.62X54R 300 CDN
1912 Bolt Action No Serial Number Ross Excellent This fine firearm was made in 1912 and used as a training rifle by the Canadians during WWI. Also a favorite at Canadian civilian rifle clubs due to it's incredible accuracy. .22 S/L/LR 250 CDN
No. 1, Mk. 3* Bolt Action 99XXX Lee Enfield Good  Used by British Army during WWI. Butt stock is slightly loose in this specimen. .303 British 100 CDN
Bolt Action 2XXX Steyr - Manlicher Very Good This interesting firearm has a unique straight-pull bolt and was used by Austria in WWI. May have also been used by the Balkan States in WWII. 300 CDN
M-98 Bolt Action C7XXX Bruno Very Good Made in Checkoslovakia during WWI under contract from Mauser, and sold to the Turkish Army with Turkish proof marks on the receiver. 7.92 (8mm) 400 CDN
.22 Trainer Bolt Action XXX Lee Enfield Very Good Stamped on butt disk with R.C.A.F, this rifle was used as a training rifle between 1926 and WWII. Comes with the rarely seen, original blue Air Force sling. .22 Long Rifle 600 CDN
24/47 Bolt Action 6XXX Yugoslavian Very Good Produced in 1924, for use by the Yugoslavian Army, this rifle was later modified in 1947 to confirm to post WWII standards. 7.92 (8mm) 300 CDN
M-95 Carbine Bolt Action 93XXX Steyr - Manlicher Very Good The Carbine Version of the 1895 rifle with the same unique straight-pull bolt. First used by Austria in WWI and some were later used by the Balkan States in WWII. This one comes with bayonette and sling, which will also fit the rifle listed above. 400 CDN
1938 Bolt Action 45XXX Japanese Good Used by the Japanese Army in the Pacific theatre, in China prior to WWII and as far back as WWI. Many were sold to England to be used as training rifles between WWI and WWII. 7mm 200 CDN
JW-25A Bolt Action 9502XXX Norinco New This unfired rifle is a scaled down version of the famous German WWII .22 Training Rifle. Add this unique example to your collection. .22 Long Rifle 300 CDN
M-44 Bolt Action AD7XXX Mosin - Nagant Very Good Made by Westinghouse in the United States, origially intended for the Russian Army. (Model 91) Due to the Russian Revolution they could not be shipped and the U.S. Army ended up using them as Training Rifles in WWI and beyond. 7.62X54R 500 CDN
M-95 Bolt Action 245XXX Carl Gustav Excellent This Swedish Mauser was known to be the most accurate rifle in it's time. 7.92 (8mm) 700 CDN
No. 5 Jungle Carbine Bolt Action F1XXX Lee Enfield Very Good Made in England and used by British troops in the Far East Theatre (Burma). This example has the steel nose cap. .303 British 500 CDN
Gewer 88 Bolt Action 6XXX Steyr Excellent This one is completely original, including the rubber gas seal, which was removed in most other examples. This specimen has British Proof Marks, as well as the original Steyr markings. 7.92 (8mm) 600 CDN
No. 4, Mk 1 Bolt Action T17XXX Lee Enfield Very Good Made in England in 1942, this rifle has the C-Broad Arrow Canadian markings stamped on the buttstock. .303 British 300 CDN
M-44 Bolt Action 4XXX Mosin- Nagant Very Good (9130) Made by Russia, and used in WWII by the Russian Army. 7.62X54R 400 CDN
Model 1898 Bolt Action 24XXX DWM Very Good Comes complete with the Butcher Knife Bayonette. 7.92 (8mm) 400 CDN
Mauser 98K Bolt Action 4XXX B.C.D. Very Good This Kriegs Model has a welded nose cap instead of the regular H-pattern and was made in 1944. 7.92 (8mm) 500 CDN
P-14 Bolt Action 164XXX E.R.A. Made by Eddystone Remington in the United States, this rifle was used by the Bristish Army in WWI as a Sniper Rifle, and used again in WWII in England and Canada. .303 British
K-98 Bolt Action 2XXX PFK Warsaw Excellent Made in 1929 in Polland, this scarce rifle  is a copy of the German WWI  K98 Short Rifle and incorporates the same sights. 7.92 (8mm) 500 CDN
1910 Bolt Action DAXXX Ross Excellent This straight-pull bolt action was used by Canadian Troops in WWI until 1916 when it was replaced by the British No. 1 Mk. 3. Known to very accurate, many were used as Sniper Rifles. .303 British 700 CDN
No. 1,Mk. 3 Bolt Action 10XXX Enfield Excellent Used by the British Army's Grenadier Guards Second Battalion in WWI. This one has the original magazine cut-off. Made in 1914. .303 British 300 CDN
M-35 Semi-Automatic 65XXX Radom Good This unique handgun has features or both the Colt 1911 and the Browning High Power 1935, and some other unique features including a hammer-drop. Made by VIS in Polland. 9mm Luger 200 CDN
1911 Semi-Automatic 188XXX Colt Good Made in 1915 .45 ACP SOLD
AG42B Semi-Automatic 18XXX Husquvarna Good Used in WWII by the Swedish (who did not fight, but were armed). Many features on this rifle were copied from the Egyptian Hakim although this rifle was much better made, more comfortable to shoot and used the very accurate 6.5mm cartridge. 6.5X55mm 200 CDN
Carbine Bolt Action X2XXX Carcano Poor Used by the Italian Army in WWII, this is basically a Carbine version of the rifle.
This specimen has a slightly bent bolt. 
6.5mm 75 CDN
No. 1 Mk 3* Bolt Action 53XXX Lithgow Excellent Dated 1919, this specimen was arsenal reconditioned after the Korean War. .303 British 300 CDN
P-17 Bolt Action 57XXX Eddystone Very Good Used by British and Canadian Army for guard duty during WWII. .30-06 400 CDN
.22 Ranger Bolt Action No Serial Number Cooey Fair Used as a Training Rifle by the Canadian Army in WWII. .22 S/L/LR 75 CDN
71/84 Bolt Action 7XXX Mauser Excellent This German designed, 8 shot rifle was used by several armies in Europe, including the German Reserve Army, and were still in use as late as WWII in the Balkans. 11mm 800CDN

We have a few more fine rifles that have not yet been appraised, including
a 1903 Springfield, MAS 36, and several more Lee Enfields - some have
bayonettes. We also have a few cleaning kits for some of the above.

If you are a serious collector, please contact us.

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